Menu 2020

Amigos | 125,-

Pollo Asado: Marinated and grilled chicken fillet topped with cheese sauce and chipotle salsa. Served with Mexican corn salad, rice and chilli beans.

Vegetarian alternative: Vegetarian schnitzel with the same accessories as above


Bellini | 125,-

Porchetta: Italian long-fried rib roll filled with herbs and garlic. Served with mashed potatoes, vegetables of the day and a creamy Barolo sauce. Or: Colosseo Pizza: Sour cream, mozzarella, marinated

chicken, chili flakes and fresh basil


Big Horn Steakhouse | 125,-

200g sirloin steak served with our popular Big Horn potatoes and optional pepper / béarnaise sauce


Brygghuset | 125,-

BBQ Spareribs served with

coleslaw and fries


Burger Bordello | 125,-

Choose between: BACON & 

CHEDDAR: Burger with dry salted bacon, American cheddar, tomato, onion and our own burger dressing. Or: BOURBON STREET BBQ: Burger with cheddar, jalapeño mayonnaise and BBQ sauce


Bølgen & Moi | 150,-

Baked cod and croquette with creamy celeriac, vegetable crudite and apple vinaigrette. Danish

Vildmose potatoes with leeks


Bønder i byen | 125,-

Salad with slow roasted chicken,

tomato marmalade, parsley mayo, pickled apple, red cabbage salad and root vegetable chips


Café Rasmus | 125,-

Cod baked with eggplant and bell pepper. Served roasted broccoli and cauliflower, creamy herb lemon sauce and small potatoes


Campino | 125,-

Medium kebab pizza or kebab plate. Choose between chicken, beef or pork. Served with 0,5l soft drink 


Clarion Hotel Ernst | 150,-

Elegant lunch buffet  incl. dessert, coffee and tea. Monday – Friday:  12.00-14.30. Saturday and Sunday: 12.30-15.00


Dolly Dimple’s | 150,-

Large 40 cm pizza: Choose from:

”No. 3: Kos Vegetarian Pizza”, ”No. 9: Sult” or ”No. 26: Thaisommer”. Enough for 2 people! Offers apply to take away, in restaurant and delivery


Food Asylum | 100,-

Choose between: VEGAN BOX (16 bits – 8 Hosomaki Avocado, 4 Uramaki Veggie and 4 Futomaki Veggie Tempura) or: SUSHI BOX (16 pieces – 8 Hosomaki Salmon,

4 Uramaki California and 4 Palmesus Hotroll)


FoodEx | 100,-

Benny’s Classic: A juicy burger

with bun, tomato, onion and

dressing. Comes with fries


Glipp | 150,-

Choose between: Coq au vin, 

a classic French stew with chicken, served with amadine potatoes. 

or: Dry-aged beef tenderloin, 150gr, served with our secret sauce, mixed salad and fries

Grenseløs Restaurant & Bar | 150,-

Today’s catch of white fish served with mussel sauce, fennel, peas, kale and potato purée

Harvey’s | 125,-

Harvey’s homemade cheeseburger served with fries and our famous leek dip. Named the town’s best burger by!

Herlig land | 125,-

Beef sirloin served with red wine sauce, sautéed vegetables and baked potatoes

Hos naboen | 100,-

180g beef burger on a bun from Dampbageriet. Topped with cheddar, red onion, cucumber and tomato. 

Håndverkeren | 150,-

Slow braised beef cheeks with bacon fried vegetables, red wine sauce and mashed potatoes with truffle

Indian Ocean Tandoori | 100,-

Choose between Chicken curry or our vegetarian vegetable curry.

Jonas B | 100,-

Pizza Carbonara: Mozzarella,

carbonara sauce, bacon, black pepper and pecorino Romano

Kjøkkenskapet Aquarama 

and Lillemarkens | 125,-

Homemade curry chicken soup. With a piece of carrot cake and coffee for dessert

Kjøkkenskapet Bakeri | 125,-

Our amazing chocolate cake with lots of layers of chocolate. Serves six people

Kombinat | 100,-

Wild boar with root vegetables, potatoes and cream sauce

La Famiglia | 150,-

Filetto Di Manzo Al Vino Rosso: Juicy and tender beef tenderloin that melts on the tongue. Served with La Famiglia’s own steak sauce, small potatoes and vegetables

Le Monde Tapas | 100,-

Tapas platter with Spanish meatballs in tomato sauce, glazed chicken drumsticks, tomato salad with chevre cream, homemade pesto and olive tapenade, Patatas bravas, bread and aioli

Luihn | 150,-

Grilled lamb sirloin with carrot puree, braised carrot, confit potato and herb gravy

Mai Oishi Sushi | 100,-

14 pieces: 6 pieces futomaki deep fried salmon or scampi, 8 pieces maki salmon whole roll deep fried

Mercado | 125,-

Tapas: Focaccia, aioli, Muhammara, Jamon Serrano, spicy drumsticks, Gambas PilPil

Monsoon Sushi & Asian | 100,-

Red Curry: Choose between 

chicken or vegan. With bell pepper, carrot, mushroom, coriander and fresh chilli. Served with rice

Mother India | 150,-

Murg Curry: Fillet of chicken in a 

lovely traditional Indian curry sauce with spices 

Vegetarian / Vegan Alternative: Chana Masala: Chickpeas cooked and served in a flavorful North Indian spice sauce


Panda Panda | 100,-

Mango Chicken Salad: Our top

selling salad with delicious mangoes and juicy chicken. 

Topped with a spicy mango and 

chilli dressing



Pub & Restaurant | 125,-

Pepper Steak: Grilled beef served with oven-baked potatoes, vegetables and creamy green pepper sauce


Peppes Pizza | 125,-

Pizza buffet incl. dessert ”Peppis” or ”Banansplit”


Pieder Ro | 150,-

Pan-fried sea trout with cavolo nero, pumpkin and beetroot with chevre and dill sauce


Pizzabakeren Torridalsveien and Fagerholt | 100,-

Optional medium pizza 

(Available gluten-free)


Restaurant Skrubbsulten | 150,-

Baked cod served with cucumber salad, fried vegetables, small potatoes and Norwegian butter sauce


Scandic Kristiansand 

Bystranda | 150,-

Arctic char served with vegetables, mussel sauce and herb roasted potatoes


Sjøhuset | 150,-

Baked cod à la Nage  with root vegetables, small potatoes and dill oil


Skagen Pub | 100,-

Large grill plate with spareribs, buffalo wings, coleslaw, grilled corn, fries, sour creamdressing  and BBQ sauce


Slakter Sørensen | 150,-

Strip steak served with beefsteak tomato, steamed sugar snap peas, roasted amandine potatoes and Béarnaise sauce


Snadderkiosken | 125,-

Our famous Tangen Burger (160 gr), + 0,5l soft drink bottle and a 

wiener sausage


Spiren Kafe | 125,-

Buddha Bowl: Asian casserole made from coconut, peanuts, curry, tofu, pineapple and cashew nuts. Served with rice noodles and green accessories.


Teateret | 125,-

Marinated chicken fillet served with ratatouille, paprika and basil sauce, small potatoes


Til Stede mat og mer  | 150,-

Today’s wild-caught fish from 

Flekkerøy served with selected greens, herb baked potatoes and white wine sauce


Torvet Bistro | 100,-

Duck confit salad served with raspberry vinaigrette, orange marmalade, pickled beets and cabbage